Sunday, 26 February 2012

A new project and some updates

It has been quite a while since I updated my blog, BUT it has been an amazing few months!

I am now living the dream: I work in the crafting industry! I am truly blessed to be able to start doing what I love and am actually not bad at doing :)

I now work as a Crafts Specials and Marketing Coordinator for a lovely company called Wow! Embossing Powder. Things have been manically busy since I joined in December: I had to wind things down at old work place, tie off a few loose ends, get a driving licence (yay!!!) and help with the planning of some major craft shows! I am learning so much everyday, and the people I work for are amazing and very thoughtful. And it was all because of a chance meeting and a canvas that I spent weeks  over:

Sometimes taking a risk is one of the best things that can ever happened to you

Here's something that I created today, and am quite pleased with:

Smothered with Wow! Powders and Products! This will live on my office desk <3

Keep believing in dreams! Thanks for stopping by :)